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Landlord and Property Manager Insurance Requirements: What You Need to Know

Learn about the insurance requirements for landlords and property managers in this informative video.

Is Limited Liability Insurance the Same as Renters Insurance?

Here’s what landlords need to know about requiring renters to enroll in limited liability insurance. 

What Are Mid-Year Reports?

Learn how MHN Property Management uses mid-year reviews and reports to protect your properties and maximize your investments.

What Tenants Need to Know About Moving Out With Rhino Insurance

 If you’re moving out and have Rhino insurance instead of a traditional security deposit, here’s what you need to know.

What is Zero Security Deposit Insurance?

Learn why MHN Property Management uses Zero Security Deposit insurance, what it is, and how it protects your properties better. 

How Rhino Insurance Helps Tenants

Getting into a rental property is easier than ever with MHN Property Management and Rhino insurance. Here’s what tenants need to know.

How Do Self-Showings Work? 

Property owners benefit from the security and convenience of self-showings for vacant properties. Learn more in this video!

Should Landlords Allow Pets?

Should you allow pets in a rental property? Are emotional support animals the same as pets? Here’s how to navigate these questions to protect your properties and follow the law. 

Why We Updated Our Tenant Screening Software

While our tenant screening criteria haven’t changed to help you find quality tenants, our new software helps us find tenants faster to reduce vacancy times. Here’s what property owners need to know. 

Why Renters Insurance is Important

Scenario: The A/C goes out in your rental home. Can your renter's insurance policy help, or must you suffer through the heat if a property owner isn't required to fix it as an "emergency?" Find out in this video.

An Introduction to Roofing

What are the different types of roofing materials? How much do they cost, and how long do they last? Our partners from Bondoc Roofing help us answer a few Roofing 101 questions.

Can an Owner Do Their Own Maintenance on a Rental Property?

Can (or should) a property owner conduct maintenance on a rental property? While it might seem like a cost-saving measure, MHN Properties shares why it might not be a good idea for effective tenant management or your bottom line.

Can My Roofer Pay My Insurance Deductible?

Can your roofing company pay the insurance deductible for repairs or replacement? Rental property owners need to hear the answer from our friends at Bondoc Roofing!

Do I Have to Re-Key After a Tenant Moves Out?

To change (or not change) the locks: do property owners have to do this between tenants? Find out here!

How to Interview a Roofer

What should you ask a roofer before they conduct repairs or a replacement? Our friends at Bondoc Roofing join us with six questions to ask when interviewing a roofing company. 

How Do Professional Property Managers Handle the Eviction Process?

How do property managers handle the eviction process? While the best eviction is one you never have to do, when it becomes necessary to remove a renter, it’s important to follow the legal eviction process.

It's Raining Inside My House! What Do I Do?

Do you have a crisis management plan for your rental property? What happens when a tenant calls to tell you that it’s raining on the inside? Bondoc Roofing joins us with some tips on what property owners can do in an emergency. 

Who Sets the Rental Price and How Do You Choose the Rental Range?

Setting the ideal rental price isn’t a magic formula, but it does involve a process with the right insights! This video explains why we offer a rental “range” to property owners when setting the monthly rent amount for a property.

How Do Property Management Companies Provide Updates on a Property?

Eventually, rental properties need updates to stay in excellent condition and attract quality renters. In this video, learn how property managers keep owners informed about recommended updates, options, and pricing. 

Most Common Roofing Red Flags

Before hiring a roofer, property owners should confirm six crucial details. This quality control process helps you find a reliable roofing company to deliver the repair or replacements you need for a rental property.

How to Handle Raising the Rent on a Tenant

Raising the rent can send tenants packing without the right approach, but it’s also crucial to monitor your bottom line and adjust the rent accordingly. Should property owners use a pre-set percentage increase, or is there a better way? Find out in this video!

Reading the Roofing Section of the Inspection Report

The roofing section of the inspection report is a crucial document to understand during the option period when buying or selling a rental property. What should you know about what the report reveals? We talked with Bondoc Roofing for insights!

Is the Home Warranty Worth It?

From new builds to existing homes, is it worth it to pay for a home warranty year after year? Find the answer to this frequent (and important) question in this video!

San Antonio Weather and Roofs

What kind of San Antonio weather issues can impact the roof of your rental property? What can you do if a weather event causes damage? Find out in this video with our friends from Bondoc Roofing!

Professional Property Management vs. Self-Managing

Should you consider professional property management for your rental property? This video gives insights into the many benefits of hiring an expert property manager vs. self-managing rental properties.

The 1, 2, 3 of Roof Replacements

Understanding roofing terms can help property owners work better with roofing contractors when it’s time to conduct repairs or replacements. Join us as Bondoc Roofing walks through key terms you should know!

Frequently Asked Questions

After finishing your questionnaire, watch this video for next steps. 

What Can be Evaluated During a Roof Inspection for the Buyer?

During the option period, what can a buyer evaluate about the roof? Bondoc Roofing joins us to share a few insights into what property owners should look for when inspecting the roof of a potential property.

Should a Rental Property Owner Pick Their Own Renter?

We get this question a lot! Our goal is to make sure your properties house the best quality renters in San Antonio. Watch this video to learn more about selecting the ideal tenants. 

Who's Checking Your Roof?

How do you know if your roof is good? Our friends at Bondoc Roofing talk about why finding a reputable and experienced contractor is crucial when evaluating a rental property roof.