Should You Sell or Rent Your Home?

When you own a home and it’s time to move for a new job, to transfer out of state, or because you want to downsize to a smaller house or upgrade to a bigger one, you might assume that you need to sell your house. But, it may or may not be the best choice, depending on the market.

Selling vs. Renting

When you sell a home, you get one payout. But, you might not get back all the money you put into it over the years. Or, maybe you will just get part of it back. You could be thinking about retirement. Instead of selling your home, you can turn it into a rental property. That’s a great idea for a number of reasons, and if you’re not sure how to start and whether it’s the right choice, talk to a real estate and property management expert.

Benefits of Renting Out a Property

When you put your property on the rental market, someone else will pay the mortgage for you. When you hire a property manager, you will know the investment is protected. Even if you’re not in the area, you can be sure a professional is doing inspections, taking care of maintenance, and placing good tenants in your property. You’re also building equity as you rent it out. So, you’re increasing your value with no effort. At the end of the day, you can take that property after it’s been on the rental market, and sell it 8 to 10 years later. You can take the money you earn off that sale and buy one or two new investment properties. This will help create a good retirement strategy that provides you with residual income. It’s a wonderful alternative to the stock market.

So if you’re thinking about selling, think about investing instead. Contact a Realtor and a San Antonio property management company to talk about this option. If you have any questions about selling or renting, please contact us at MHN Property Management.


MHN properties has managed our house in San Antonio since December 2014. Everyone on the team has always been professional and courteous. They are prompt in responding to questions and maintenance requests by the tenants. We feel like they have taken great care of our property! In addition, our property has not been empty since they took over the management. We would highly recommend MHN properties to anyone!

Adam Nyitray