Property Management Services Full Service Other Companies
Start-up Fee $250
If tenant in place + $0 for vacant properties
$250 - $300
Set up bank accounts, software, coordinate with tenants
Tech Fee None $40/annually
Monthly Price 10% of rent collected
8% of rent collected
4-Plex or larger
If you’re not earning money, neither are we
Varies by service selected.
Fees collected even when vacant.
Quality vendor work checked at reasonable prices  
In-person Meetings Not always offered, varies by company

Marketing and New Tenant Move-In

Security Deposit Alternative Programs 2 Options
Lower Liability to Owner and Increases Application Pool
May or may not be offered
Paid from full 1st Month rent
New Tenant Placement 1/2 Month's Rent 80–100% of one month's rent, $300-$600 (varies by company & selected management plan)
Pre-Marketing Repairs Recommendations given, full coordination, vendor work checked by MHN staff before payment Owner fee to coordinate marketing repairs
Comparative Rental Price Analysis Completed before every renewal to maximize profits and tenant retention Completed only once with new property
Form Preparation and Digital Signing Free
Text for information and pictures
Not always offered, varies by company
Quality Marketing Photos (wide-angle camera and photo editing for lighting) Free $250 - $500
Most companies don’t take marketing photos for rental properties
360° Virtual Tour Free $125/Not Usually Available
Posted on MLS (and extensively on various websites) $150
for social media marketing
Convenient Tenant Self-Showing System (to maximize potential renter access to home) Free No Fee or Not available
Tenant Liability Insurance Free
The lease gives power to ensure tenant liability
Not available or can't be enforced
Tenant in place
Comprehensive Tenant Screening
(rental history verification, credit, national background check)
Large companies, yes. Smaller companies may not be as detailed in the process.
Pet Screening and Legal Team Verification of Assistance Animals $10 Not always offered, varies by company
Lease Preparation Free $40
per document
Detailed In-Person Move-In Orientation (including basic care of home) Free Offered as an additional service for $150. Companies that do not offer this have tenants pick up keys from lock boxes or offices.
Comprehensive Photo Review of the Property at Move-In (to hold tenants accountable) Free
Paid by the tenant
if available
Photo App for Tenants (to note the condition of the home) Free N/A, varies by company.
May provide minimal requirements or a paper form

Tenant-in-Place Services

Twice-Annual Tenant Accountability (with property photos emailed to the owner) Free N/A, competitors consider this service to be too time-consuming
outside of scope/offered at additional price
One Annual In-Home Detailed Property Review $119
At cost for 3rd party vendor. No Markups.
$95 - $150
if offered
Emergency Line 24/7 (access to speak to an MHN employee) Free N/A or Contracted to 3rd party answering service
Online Rent Payments for Tenant Free $1 - $24
/month tenant fee
Maintenance Coordination (with online reporting available 24/7) Free 10%
mark up on all invoices, must be reported only during office hours
Tenant Accountability to Lease and HOA Compliance Free N/A or implementation varies by company
Owner Portal (with on-demand access to monthly statements and copies of all invoices) Free $45
/Annually or Monthly fee
1099 Form Prep (with annual 12-month cash flow analysis) Free $45 Fee
Property Visits as Needed Free $95/visit
All Maintenance Over $600 Checked by MHN Staff Free $75
Eviction Services (if needed, including MHN staff court appearance and form prep) Hourly rate or Flat fee, will not proceed without owner contribution
In-Person Delivery of Notice to Vacate (and staff check property if needed) Free $85
Owner Fee
Electronic Direct Deposits of Monthly Rent Proceeds Free $45
Annual Fee
Flexible Team to Take Care of Your Property 1 person handling 150 – 200 properties
Utility Coordination $50
fee + utilities
Full-Time Bookkeeping Staff Varies
AC Filter Delivery Service for Tenant N/A
Pet Damage Guarantee (up to $1,000/ per approved pet) Tenant pays and must provide proof for ALL legally added pets $9 - $12
/monthly Fee
Tenant Renewal Fee $125 $275
MHN Floats Upfront Costs Under $500 (for no hassle maintenance if upcoming rent will cover costs) Must give the management company the ability to withdraw money from your bank account. Will not complete/continue work without owner's contribution.
Warranty Claim Processing Free
If MHN has access to the Warranty —per followup call
Per Occurrence
Insurance Claim Processing Free 10% or $45
Per Occurrence

Tenant Move-Out and Vacant Home Services

Included when remarketing a home for rent or sale with MHN Properties at ZERO Cost to the owner!

3rd Party Comprehensive Photo Review of the Property Free
Paid by tenant
Property Visit by MHN Staff (to take detailed pictures of every item to be charged to the tenant's security deposit) Free $95
or N/A
Maintenance Coordination (including new paint, new flooring, lawn care, roof repairs, makeready cleaning, truck mount stem clean carpets) Free 10%
of repairs
Weekly Vacant Property Checks (include, but are not limited to checking for leaks, locked windows, property showable) Free N/A, trip charge, or monthly owner charge
Ozone Machine (to eliminate stubborn smells)
if needed after carpet cleaners/replacement
Free Owner fee, if offered
Processing of Tenants' Security Deposit (and holding them accountable with photo documentation) Free Owner fee, if offered
Handling Tenant Security Deposit Disputes Free Free