Home Buyer Program

Buying a home can be a large and daunting decision to make...but it does not have to be that way! The MHN “Home Buyer Program” will provide you with the information, support & expertise you need to make the home buying process exciting, rewarding and stress free!

When you chose MHN to assist you in buying your home you get these main benefits:

  1. You will work with a skilled REALTOR team that has the knowledge and expertise to help you through this important process.
  2. MHN will help you develop your home buying strategy to relieve the stress of trying to time the lease end date and home closing date.
  3. MHN offers Free Cash to be used towards closing costs. We will contribute $500 for homes under $250,000 and $1,000 for home over $250,000.
  4. MHN can recommend highly qualified & responsive lenders that will help you get the best loan for your needs.

MHN Realtors are extremely knowledgeable REALTORS in terms of maintenance, repairs, reading and understanding inspection reports, cost of repairs, and recommending trusted vendors. Because we go into more homes we have a detailed idea of what are common trouble points to look out for as well as what is a serious defect and what is not.

Depending on lease end date, MHN can write short extensions to help alleviate time pressures, double rent/ mortgage payments and stress of being temporarily homeless if the deal doesn’t close on time or if you can’t find the home quickly enough. We can also work with you and the homeowner to select a lease extension end date that sets you both up for success.

We also work with highly experienced lenders that place your needs first. If you do not qualify for financing they will create a detailed plan to assist you.

You and MHN have built a long term relationship together. We’ve taken care of you as tenants and we will take care of you as buyers. When you are making the largest financial decision of your life it is vital that you are working with someone you know and that they are honest, knowledgeable, ethical and trustworthy.

Let MHN help make your dreams of home ownership a reality today!

* To qualify for the home buyer program:

~ Tenants must be up to date on all obligations under their lease, sign a buyers representation agreement with MHN Property Management and qualify for a loan.

~ Home purchase/listing must contain a sales commission of no less than 3% of the total purchase price to be paid at closing to MHN Properties, LLC by the Sellers or Builders of the home.

~ Credit applies only to residential home purchase of new or pre-owned homes located in San Antonio or the surrounding areas.

~ This program has no cash value, is non-transferrable and can not be applied to any other type of real estate transaction. If the tenants lease agreement is breached all credits will be forfeited.

~ Credit will be applied at time of closing.

~ Our professional Realtors look forward to guiding you through the entire process of purchasing you home from obtaining financing to closing.