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How Self-Showings Reduce Your Rental Property Vacancy Rate

By Courtney Rosen

Self-showings became more commonly mentioned and executed during the pandemic. However, the best property managers were prepared for them long before the pandemic changed the property management game and how rental showings are conducted. 


Now, these showings have become more valuable than ever to property owners and have proven to reduce their rental property vacancy rate dramatically due to the degree of convenience and efficiency for property owners. Keep reading to learn about self-showings and how they can be a perfect option for property owners who struggle with schedule availability. 


What Is a Self-Showing?

A self-showing is a property visit where your potential renters can walk through and view the property without a realtor or property owner present. By offering this option, you can focus your time on other tasks while potential tenants view properties. Self-showings are among the best ways to help keep your property rented continuously and achieve low vacancy rates. 


However, on the surface, they might not sound like a good option for your property. You might be worried about letting strangers into your vacant rental property and the potential for damage and other risks.


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It's important to know that precautions are in place, followed by good tenant screening, to avoid these issues. As a result, your rental properties are filled quickly, and your investment remains fortified and protected.


What Are the Benefits of Self-Showings? 

There are many benefits for property owners when allowing self-showings. Here are a few reasons we offer this solution to help property owners reduce vacancy times!


Tenants Can View a Property Without a Property Manager Present

For prospective tenants, being able to look at your rental property in person and decide if it works for them is very important. However, depending on their work schedule and other obligations, coordinating these visits with an agent present can be incredibly time-consuming and inconvenient. 


Fortunately, self-showings give prospective tenants additional options and opportunities to see your property outside of time conflicts. 


When you give tenants the option to see your rental properties without being with them, you open up the entire day for showings. Then you or your property managers have time to take care of other issues and properties, handle maintenance requests, and work with you on any questions or concerns you have, all while tenants are enjoying taking a look at the property you have available. 


Additionally, there's less pressure for tenants when they can look around without a property manager. They can speak freely about how they might want to arrange their furniture and any other concerns about the property because they are alone.


Your Property is Kept Safe Through Screening and ID Requirements

You don't need to worry about whether your property will be at risk. Working with a  property manager who understands self-showing options means they know how to show a rental property with safety and efficiency in mind. 


Any tenant wishing to see the property will provide an ID and enroll in a basic screening process. If anything concerning is discovered, the tenant won't be allowed to see the property unattended. This procedure reduces the chances of any damage to your rental property while still providing the highest number of opportunities for potential renters.


As trusted property managers in the San Antonio area, MHN Property Management would never allow strangers access to your rental property without verifying their identity and vetting them through proper screening. If they want to rent the property, we will complete the rest of the screening process before renting to them, including their background check before their self-showing appointment.


Seeing a Property After Dark Isn't an Option

Tenants who work with a San Antonio property manager won't be allowed to see properties after dark. MHN Property Management only schedules self-showings during daylight hours to reduce risk and keep your property safe.


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Making sure the owner's properties are protected is an integral part of how to show a rental property. To ensure safety and reduce harm to prospective renters, scheduling these self-showings during daylight hours is the best and smartest choice.


Self-Showings Can Reduce Vacancy Times

Reducing your rental property vacancy rate is important because you lose money for every month your property remains vacant. If you have a property that has been vacant for a long time or has several intermittent vacancies, you will not see as much of a return on your new rental property investment.


When you work with a property manager who offers self-showings, we make it easier to keep the property rented. Potential tenants can see it faster and make a quick decision, so the property doesn't sit empty while property managers try to schedule showings around other aspects of their day. 


Work With a Trusted San Antonio Property Manager To Schedule Self-Showings

Finding a property management company you trust can yield big dividends in your business. MHN Property Management can help implement self-showings for your rental properties in the San Antonio community. Contact us and see how our self-showing options can reduce your rental property vacancy rate and improve the value you get from your real estate investment.

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