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Rental Property Maintenance: What Are Mid-Year Reports?

By Courtney Rosen

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When you work with one of the top San Antonio property management companies, like MHN Property Management, you can be assured that your properties will stay well-maintained. We take special care to keep your properties in the best shape possible to maximize ROI.


Our approach is proactive. Instead of waiting for problems to get out of hand, we step in with regular mid-year reports to prevent added maintenance costs.

Today we talk about why and how we deliver these critical reports to property owners!

What Are Mid-Year Reports?

A mid-year report is the end result of a rental property inspection. Mid-year reports are conducted in the summer and winter, depending on when your tenant moved in. Our team will ensure you and the tenant know exactly when the inspection will occur.


For example, if your tenant moved in the summer or closer to that time, the mid-year report would be in the winter. On the other hand, if the tenant moved in the winter or closer to that time, the mid-year report would take place in the summer. 


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How Do We Conduct Inspections? 

At MHN Property Management, we use a third-party company to complete these reports for every property to deliver an unbiased review. 


We contract with a trusted vendor to go into each property and assess its condition. While on-site, they will review the interior condition, look at how the appliances are operating, and check for problems. 


Some of the specific things they may inspect include the following:

  • Lease compliance (this can be customized for each property or lease).
  • Smoke detectors (ensure they are up-to-date and operational).
  • General maintenance issues. Is anything broken?
  • Tenant wear and tear. Are they overly hard on the property?
  • Leaks under the sink or other signs of water damage (i.e., from the roof).
  • Pests or unauthorized pets.
  • Ensure the carbon monoxide detectors are working.
  • HVAC system maintenance. Are tenants changing the filter regularly?
  • Review the overall state of the property.

Once the third party conducts the rental property inspection, the information is brought back to our main office for review.


Then, an MHN Property Management staff member will go over the items on the report in the office to determine what items the tenant is responsible for and what is regular wear and tear. We then send an email to the investor owner about the results of the mid-year report.


Real Estate Home Property Inspecting And Appraisal By Appraiser

Why Are Mid-Year Reports Vital?

Conducting these mid-year reviews or rental property inspections is essential to protect investments and maximize profit. There are four main reasons these mid-year reports are so critical.


Help Catch Problems in the Early Stages

When investors are informed about problems early on, they can take corrective steps. We can conduct rental property maintenance or repairs right away and avoid further damage. Additionally, if they have evidence of a tenant causing serious problems, they may have to take other action.


Either way, it is better to know about these issues right away instead of finding out much later after additional costs are incurred.


Provide an Accurate Record of What Is Happening

An accurate record of what’s occurring is important to track costs for damages. If you don’t have documentation with pictures showing the problem and when it began, it will be difficult to charge the tenant for it later.


Not everything that goes wrong will be the tenants’ fault. However, if it is, you need to be able to show the report sooner rather than later. This accurate reporting will ensure that you don’t pay more than necessary but that tenants are charged for any damage they cause.


Keep Properties in Excellent Shape

As you can imagine, if landlords don’t stay on top of small issues, properties can quickly become run down. Your goal is to have well-kept properties, which is possible with the aid of one of the top San Antonio property management companies, such as MHN Property Management.


When you have a property management team proactively working to catch problems before they get worse, your properties will remain in excellent condition.


Boost ROI

With well-maintained and excellent properties, you make more money! You will be able to obtain the rent you need to maximize ROI. Additionally, with the high cost of goods, avoiding expensive repairs can help you maintain your ROI.


Choose MHN Property Management for the Best Rental Property Maintenance

Delivering the best rental property maintenance in San Antonio can help you find and keep better tenants longer while boosting your returns! MHN Property Management understands the importance of well-maintained properties, and you can rely on our team for the best practices to take excellent care of your rental properties. Our mid-year report process is just one way we deliver the best maintenance in town. 


Reach out soon to learn more about our services!

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