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Let’s Talk Watering

Everyone wants to have that fresh green grass that everyone looks at while driving down your street. Well, here is how you achieve a well maintained lawn – and no VIOLATIONS!

Proper moisture is the most important part of lawn maintenance. You can over-water so make sure that your lawn is received 1-2” of water each week. Remember that rain and dry swells can impede this so try your best judgment when you set your watering schedule. Check with your city for the appropriate watering days and times as well.

 Moisture Stress – If the grass does not spring back after being walked on it is wilting due to dry conditions. Waterlogged soil causes the grasses to wilt as well, make sure to not over water!

 Early Bird Gets the Worm– Watering in the morning is the ideal time to water along with city regulations. The morning cool temps allow the water absorb into the soil appropriately giving it the thirst it needs.

More Water, Less Often– Watering deeply into the lawn supports deeper root growth providing you with a strong healthy lawn.

 Soil Knowledge – Sandy soils soak up water. Clay soils absorb water slowly, so water may begin to run off at the surface. Knowing your soil will help you decide when and how long to water.

Proper watering in the next few scorching summer months will save your lawn and help prevent you from getting violations. Always be sure to mow edge and Blow your lawn every 14 days in the summer to avoid those weeds from taking over your gorgeous yard.

-MHN Staff

Posted by: keith miller on May 19, 2014
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