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Benefits of Renters Insurance for San Antonio Landlords

Renter’s insurance policies are valuable tools for both tenants and landlords. Today, we’ve asked Tom Hotaling to join us for a discussion on tenant insurance. Tom is an insurance agent with an office in a complex that MHN Properties manages. He’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and we appreciate his willingness to help us better understand renter’s insurance (more…)

Property Insurance Tips for Landlords

Rental property insurance is an important part of protecting your investment. Tom Hotaling is an insurance agent in a complex managed by MHN Properties. He has always been helpful with any insurance questions we have, so today he’s joining us to discuss the insurance policy on your rental home investment. We’ll talk about why you need it and what you should be asking your agent.


Rental Property Investing for Beginners | San Antonio, TX

Investing in real estate is a great choice, but the United States is a huge country, and you need to decide where you’ll get the best return on your investment. You want to work with a Realtor who is also affiliated with a San Antonio property management company. As a Realtor, that professional will understand the market and how to get you a great deal. As a property manager, you will get expertise on what works well for rentals and which laws need to be followed. So, this one person can help you find the investment, place a tenant, and maintain the property. Check out our blog on choosing a good property manager, and what questions you should ask. (more…)

DIY vs. Professional Property Management in San Antonio

So, you’ve decided to become a landlord and that’s great. But what about when your tenant decides to stop paying rent? Not great. What will you do? This is one of many issues that can come up if you decide to self-manage your real estate investment. If you’re thinking about managing rental property yourself, there are additional challenges to think about. (more…)

How to Choose a Good San Antonio Property Manager

If you’re thinking about investing and preparing for your future, you might think about stocks because they are all the rage. However, it’s a good idea to think about real estate as well. It might seem like a scary idea, mostly because there are lots of different parts to this type of investment. You may have a lot of questions and concerns about how to get started. Investing in real estate can provide a good, steady income stream if it’s done right. In order to do it right, you need to work with someone who is educated and has the time to devote to your investment. What you really need is a professional property manager. When you want to find a property manager, there are really three things to keep in mind. (more…)

Christmas Drives and Yards

Get your yards ready! MHN Properties is coming!


Here at MHN we’re getting into the holiday spirit and have packaged up a little treat for all our fabulous renters! As we play Santa’s helpers and are delivering your treats, we will also be checking out your fabulous yards. So put up your lights, turn up your yard bling, mow the yards and trim back those trees; we will also have an eye out for the best looking MHN yard. We’ll send out a special treat for the best yard out there. 


Looking forward to seeing your creativity and lawn care at work! Happy Holidays from your hardworking MHN Staff (and little Christmas Elves).

Fun Fall Activities Abound

As November rolls in, and ambitious stores roll out the Christmas decorations, the weather seems to finally be cooling down and adding a refreshing drizzle. It might be safe to come out of your air conditioned dwellings and explore some fun outdoor activities. Here are a few activities that I’m personally looking forward to:

Me and my sister went and it was loads of fun and pretty cheap!

  1. Berry picking! Strawberries (among other yummy goodness) are in season and ready to be picked. A few years back Markley Family Farm was recommended to us and I’m set on getting out there this year.
  2. The Zoo: This has been one of our favorite destinations since our Little One decided to skip cruising and go straight to running. We just couldn’t keep up! It’s entertaining for big and small people alike and I know she’s safe from the road, cars and the trucks that have no chance of seeing her. The Zoo is currently open in the evenings for Zoo Lights, which includes ice skating and camel rides.
  3. Have a dog? Take Fido to the park and let him blow off some steam (and maybe divert his energy from household mischief). Here’s a list of off leash dog parks. I’m personally a fan of Phil Hardberger Park, which has dog parks both off of Blanco and of NW Military. Both locations also have great kid parks and so nice areas for picnics.
  4. Texas’ oldest dance hall, Greune Hall, is sure to excite native Texans, new arrivals and visitors alike. I love stopping in for their great free music and visitors feel like they just walked onto a movie set of big trucks, big hats, boots and boogie. And it’s finally cool enough to really enjoy the dance hall that doesn’t have A/C. Check out the full calendar of events here.
  5. You’ve seen the Alamo, but have you ever walked the missions? Get some free exercise and entertainment while enjoying the fresh air and checking out some unique San Antonio history. Plan your visit here.
  6. Get your ART on. Inspire Fine Art Center offers FREE family art days the second Saturday of every month. Check it out here.

Please check out our blog regularly. We’ll be posting more awesome things to do around San Antonio and also some handy home reminders. Like our blog? You can share to!

Get out the Vote!

Today is the big day: Go and make your voice heard:

Many public libraries, city halls and schools are voting locations. To find one near you put your address in here.



School Boundaries Are Changing

Image result for school house

As the school year begins, you might be thinking about what district and school your home flows into.

You could be interested as you think about what school would be the best match for your child; or you could be thinking about buying and know that school boundaries can affect property values.

San Antonio is a fast growing city, which means school districts must be agile and are adding schools and changing boundaries. Bexar county has 19 school districts, all of which you can find a list of linked here and a map here.

With so much outdated information about schools floating around, how can you know for sure before buying or renting?

First, you need to identify your school district, which you can do here or by using the search option on the Bexar county school district map.

Then you can go to your school districts website and enter your homes address or simple look at the zones.

Here are some school districts in San Antonio, linked to their boundary pages:

North East ISD 

Northside ISD 

Schertz -Cibolo – Universal City ISD 

Alamo Heights ISD

Judson ISD

Of course, if you’re looking to buy, rent or invest, please contact MHN today at 210- 402-9696.


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